Welcome to the Akron, Ohio chapter of
ASM International.

Celebrating 75 years 1948-2023

ASM International is the society for materials engineers and scientists, a worldwide network dedicated to advancing industry, technology and applications of metals and materials.

The Akron Chapter of ASM International was founded in 1947 as a member of the American Society for Metals. Among these early members were heat treaters, foundrymen, die makers and others from the metal processing and allied service industries of the area. Our goal was the same as that of the National Society at that time – “To further the science and technology of metal working.”

The Akron ASM Chapter usually meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month. September through April, excluding December. Traditionally, September is Heat Treaters Night and February is Thermal Spray Night. We welcome and encourage guests to attend our meetings.

ASM International was founded in 1913 as the American Society for Metals. Today, ASM is the world’s largest association of scientists and engineers with over 30,000 members worldwide. ASM is dedicated to informing, educating and connecting the Materials community to solve problems and stimulate innovation around the world.


The Dome
ASM International headquarters, 9639 Kinsman Rd, (Rt.87) Materials Park Ohio, USA. The ASM facility, conveniently located in Northeast Ohio near the city of Newbury and also Punderson State Park, is often referred as "The Dome." Visitors to the site are most welcome to explore the grounds.