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The ASM Akron Chapter is working closely with the Materials Advantage Chapter at The University of Akron. For information contact Kevin Nelson; Click to Email.

Western Reserve District 5 Science Fair - to be held on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at the University of Akron. The ASM Akron Chapter will once again be judging student presentations in the Materials category. The Akron Chapter awards 3 monetary scholarships to the winners. Contact Wayne Niehoff

ASM Akron Student Night, April 20, 2016

Robert Klanac 2016 ASM Akron Science Day Award Winner, Academy of Saint Adalbert, 8th grade

ASM Akron Student Night 2016 Louis Cseko, Robert Klanac, Patrick Klanac

Eighteenth Annual Students Night
April 18th, 2007

Giuseppe Miranda, Students Night Award Winner, with his science project

John Boykin, father of Students Night Award Winner John Boykin, with his son's science project

Past Student Night Award Winners


1stJohn Boykin7th Grade @ Incarnate Word“Can the Chemical Composition of Rubbers Affect the Durability and Properties of Rubber Material When Exposed to Environmental and Chemical Conditions?
2ndGiuseppe (Joey) Miranda8th Grade @ Incarnate Word“Don’t Break the Ice – Can Ice Structures be Designed for Space Exploration Purposes?”
3rdKathryn Seringer11th Grade @ Beaumont High School“Particle Dispersion in Bronze Metal Matrix Composites”


1stZach WhitmireMiller South Middle School
2ndDuncan HousemanMiller South Middle School
3rdLauren PurkhiserLitchfield Middle School


1stKevin Tinus8th Grade @ Solon Middle School“How Does Welding Affect the Hardness of Metals?”
2ndAlex Rasmussen9th Grade @ John R. Williams, Jr., H.S.“Reinforcing Concrete with Carbon Composite Plates”
3rdAlex Wiles7th Grade @ LaMuth Middle School“Insulation Olympics”


1stLaura Manson9th Grade @ Beaumont School“Strong, Smart Fluid”
2ndMargaret Pokryfki9th Grade @ Beaumont School“Environmental Barrier”
3rdCrystal Boykin8th Grade @ Incarnate Word“Can the Particle Size and Chemical Properties of Shredded, Recycled Plastics Improve the Protection of Packages?”


1stMichael Ewing8th Grade @ Solon Middle School”Cooling Properties of Lead”
2ndKatherine Poseidon8th Grade @ Hathaway Brown”Ammonia & Glycol: Corroding Our Bridges?”
3rdBruce Perry8th Grade @ Litchfield Middle School”Which Brand and Type of Insulation Insulates the Most Effectively?”


1stNina SreshtaSolon Middle SchoolDifferent Materials Absorb Light Differently
2ndJessica LinSolon Middle SchoolTemperature's Affect on Viscosity
3rdJustin PerryLitchfield Middle SchoolFactors Affecting Friction


1stClifford Rich8th Grade @ Solon Middle School"What Effect Does Friction & Weight Have on a YO-YO"
2ndAlicia Boykin8th Grade @ Incarnate WordDo Different Resin Compositions Change the Durability of Recycled Plastics When Exposed to Different Conditions
3rdLena Husani8th Grade @ Solon Middle SchoolConcrete:  At What Rate Does Concrete Strengthen Over Time?

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